Skin Contact

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Why This New LES Natural Wine Bar Is One of the Industry’s Biggest Debuts Yet – The New York City wine bar boom continues, but the latest entry may end up being this year’s most important: Skin Contact, the new Lower East Side bar helmed by Eben Lillie of Chambers Street Wines.

12 Underrated Wine Regions to Visit This Fall, According to the Experts – An hour or so east lies Bugey, often grouped together with Savoie. “It is breathtaking there; being in the silence, the late blue shimmery light in the afternoon shade of the mountains, tucked underneath the alps,” says Stefanie Djie of Skin Contact, a natural wine bar in NYC.


Roberta’s, Côte, Skin Contact, and More: Introducing the Resy Wine Hit List – Lillie’s list wanders a bit further afield — with the sort of eagle-eyed curation of the natural-wine realm that New York could use more of.  More info here.

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The Lower East Side Is Decidedly the Wine Bar Destination – Then there’s Skin Contact, the aforementioned natural wine bar that’s a beloved part of the tapestry of the neighborhood. “When we were scouting for a place in 2019, we were very intentional about being in the LES,” Managing Partner Stefanie Djie tells me. “In cities like Paris and Singapore (where I am from), there is a gaiety in bar hopping natural wines, which was what we wanted to invoke.

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The Best Wine Bars in NYC – The next time you’re meeting up with one or two other people who only want to talk about and drink pet-nats, try Skin Contact on the Lower East Side. Even if you know next to nothing about wine, this natural wine bar’s condensed list of options and friendly staff will help you find something exciting without paying a ton of money.